Landlord supports and incentives bring in landlords as partners to ensure that rental assistance recipients have adequate housing options in the private market.  Significant barriers exist for people to find rental units that accept housing vouchers as a form of payment. Landlord incentives and support programs help increase participation with housing voucher programs.  Recently passed ...
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The cost of rental application fees may pose a significant barrier to prospective tenants in Hawaii’s active rental housing market. Rental application fees are not currently regulated by Hawaii’s Landlord-Tenant Code, and landlords may require an upfront, non-refundable payment at the time a prospective renter applies for a vacant rental unit.  Unregulated collection of rental ...
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County Council Website Navigation Guide

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Advocacy on legislative matters can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to start. Our office’s practicum students from the UH School of Social Work & Public Health have put together helpful navigation guides for each of the four County Council websites. Please check out your County Council’s website navigation guide to ...
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Podcast – The Permanent Address

Posted on Mar 3, 2022 in Main, News

Season 2 – Episode 1  |  Rental Screening Fees March 7, 2022  |  Honolulu, HI Rental application screening fees are fees that are usually collected by landlords along with the submission of an application for a rental unit. These fees are intended to cover the costs of doing screenings such as credit checks on the ...
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There are nearly 3,600 students identified in unstable housing across the State of Hawaii, and families experiencing unstable housing have rights under the McKinney-Vento Act to ensure their children continue uninterrupted access to education and services. Our student interns from the UH Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health created this page to highlight some ...
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I received an eviction notice from my landlord.  What should I do? Contact the State Landlord-Tenant Hotline (808-586-2634) or a legal services agency, such as the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii (808-536-4302), to seek information about your rights as a tenant.  Please know that the landlord-tenant law has changed due to the impact of Act ...


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The lack of a valid government identification document (I.D.), or vital documents needed to obtain an I.D. card, can be a huge barrier to housing and employment for many people experiencing homelessness.   Please read below for information on resources to assist with obtaining valid government I.D. or other related vital documents (e.g. Social Security Card, ...


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Landlord Resource Guide

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