Homelessness and Tourism Industry

The Legislature passed Act 86, Session Laws of Hawaii 2018, which appropriated $1,000,000 to the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) – to be matched dollar for dollar by the private sector – to address homelessness in tourism and resort areas across the state.

A total of 107 projects statewide were supported in 2018 and 2019, with the following breakdown by island:

  • Oahu:  55 projects
  • Kauai:  18 projects
  • Maui:  18 projects
  • Hawaii:  16 projects

The grant amounts funded by HTA ranged from a minimum of $97.00 to a maximum of $99,500.00, with the average HTA grant award being $9,346.00 per project.   A complete listing of projects funded by HTA through Act 86 is provided below.