Daily Emergency Shelter Vacancy

The list below shows available shelter vacancies for Friday, January 15, 2021 Please note that vacancies are self-reported by providers and are subject to change without notice throughout the day.  Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases on Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii island, some shelters may institute additional screening requirements.   Please contact each respective shelter for more information.  

In addition, a list of transitional shelter and Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD) group home beds is available by request.   Please call (808) 586-0193 or e-mail [email protected] to request a copy.    Please note that group homes charge a monthly rent and individuals must be referred through the Hawaii Department of Health.   For transitional shelter vacancies, note that referrals must go through the Coordinated Entry System (CES) and you may contact the Continuum of Care on your island for further information.

For assistance in clearing individuals into CARE Hawaii or Aloha House Licensed Crisis Residential Shelter (LCRS), call the Hawaii Department of Health’s CARES Line at (808) 832-3100 on Oahu or (800) 753-6879 on the neighbor islands.

Special Referral Instructions for HONU Facility:  HONU is a short-term, low-barrier navigation center for households experiencing homelessness.  HONU prioritizes households who are unable to access other shelter options due to capacity limitations, referral after normal intake hours, etc.  Outreach workers and community partners should continue to use existing shelter and housing referral options before requesting a referral to HONU.  Please call (808) 768-4668 to check availability prior to referring individuals to the HONU site.

If individuals are interested in connecting to an available shelter opening, contact the homeless outreach provider in your geographic area.

OAHU Capacity for Today’s Intake Comments
Catholic Charities Hawaii – Family Assessment Center Intake Line: 808-202-9133
Cubicles (2-5) average 1
Catholic Charities Hawaii – Villages of Maili Intake Line: 808-940-8394
Maili Assessment Center 2-bedroom (2-8) 1
Maili Assessment Center Studio (2-4) 0
Bridge Housing 2-bedroom (2-8) 0 Must be referred through Coordinated Entry System (CES).
Bridge Housing Studio (2-4) 1
Canoe House – R.Y.S.E. Intake: 808-861-0448

Must be unaccompanied youth ages 14-17.

Female Beds (age 14-17 years old only) 1
Male Beds (age 14-17 years old only) 1
CARE Hawaii – L.C.R.S. (Likini St.) Hawaii CARES Line: 808-832-3100 – Must be referred through the CARES line for Licensed Crisis Residential Shelter (LCRS).

For SMI persons only.   May stay up to a maximum of ten (10) days.

Beds (for SMI persons only) 7
Corvette Center Ministries – Zion Ipuka Main Line: 808-291-3682
Single Male Units 0
Family Promise Hawaii – Honolulu Site Main Line: 808-466-4241
Max 3 intakes available today. Please call for availability.
Family Units 5
Gregory House – Community Residential Program Main Line: 808-592-9022
One-bedroom (2) 0
Two-bedroom (6) 0
Three-bedroom (6) 2
Hale Mauliola Intake Line: 808-271-8270 (ask for Chas)

Pet Friendly.

ADA Units 0
Single Units 0
Couples 1
Little Homes 0
Hope Center Ministries Intake Line: 808-699-1739 (ask for Royse)
Male Beds 1
Institute for Human Services, Inc. Women & Families Shelter (Kaaahi St.): 808-447-2800

Men’s Shelter (Sumner St.): 808-447-2900

For the I.H.S. Vet House, please contact the V.A. at 808-433-0778.

Ka’aahi- Women’s (single) 7
Ka’aahi- Families (2-4) average 1
Sumner (single) 5
Vet House (Veterans only) 2
Kealahou West Oahu – Onelauena Intake Line: 808-780-4695

*Must have Minor Children
**Adults Only

Dorm (single)** 0
Studio (1-2)* 0
ADA/Couple Studio (1-3)** 0
Studio Medium Size (1-4)* 0
Large (4-6)* 1
Multi-Purpose (6-12)* 0
Homeless Outreach Navigation for Unsheltered Persons (HONU) Intake Line: 768-HONU
Max Capacity: 75 tents
Spaces available 25
Residential Youth Services and Empowerment (RYSE) Main Line: 808-498-5180

Must be 18-24 years old only.

Female Beds (age 18-24 years old only) 1
Male Beds (age 18-24 years old only) 1
Shelter of Wisdom E-mail: [email protected]
Vacant Beds 0
The Shelter Main Line: 808-468-1810 (ask for Kaila)
Must be a single mothers with up to 4 children.
Dome unit 1
Waianae Cedar Farms Intake Line: 808-436-2156 (ask for Aunty Sweets Wright)
Single, couple and family spaces available.
10 ft. x 10 ft. space 1
Waianae Civic Center Main Line: 808-462-0280Available to do intakes for all rooms available.
Service animals allowed (no pets).
Families (2-4) 6
Couples 0
Singles 4
Waikiki Health – Next Step Direct Line: 808-537-8390

Intake Contact: 808-295-9606

Single Male 0
Single Female 0
Couples 0
Waikiki Health – Keauhou Direct Line: 808-537-8330

Intake Contact: 808-537-8394

Pet Friendly.

Single Male 0
Single Female 0
Couples 0
United States Veterans Initiative Intake Line: 808-630-0771

Veterans only.

EH Respite – BP (Veterans only) 7
EH HOPTEL – Pearl City Seniors (Veterans only) 3
EH HOPTEL – Ewa 1 (Veterans only) 1
EH HOPTEL – Ewa 2 (Veterans only) 5
CARE Hawaii – L.C.R.S. (Hilo) Hawaii CARES Line: 808-753-6879 – Must be referred through the CARES line for Licensed Crisis Residential Shelter (LCRS).

For SMI persons only.

Beds (for SMI persons only) 0
HOPE Services Hawai’i Diversion Specialist: 808-935-3050
Kihei Pua Emergency Shelter – Family Units (4) 3
Kihei Pua Emergency Shelter – Safe Parking 0
Hale Hanakahi – Single Beds 12
Hale Maluhia – Single Female Beds 2
Hale Maluhia – Couples 1
Sacred Hearts Shelter – Single Beds 4
Sacred Hearts Shelter – ADA Beds 0
Ka Lamaku – Single Beds 7
West Hawaii Housing – Male Beds 2
West Hawaii Housing – Female Beds 2
Keolahou Emergency Shelter – Male Beds 0
Neighborhood Place of Puna – Hale Iki Access Line: 808-345-0202
Families (2-4) 6
United States Veterans Initiative Phone: 808-630-0771

Veterans only.

EH HOPTEL – Hilo House (Veterans only) 3
EH HOPTEL – Kona Beds (Veterans only) 3
ALOHA House – L.C.R.S. Hawaii CARES Line: 808-753-6879 – Must be referred through the CARES line for Licensed Crisis Residential Shelter (LCRS).

For SMI persons only.

Beds (for SMI persons only) 0
Family Life Center – Ho’olanani Main Line: 808-877-0880
1 Large Congregate Space 1
Studio (2-6) 2
Ka Hale A Ke Ola – KHAKO Max 4 intakes available today. Please call for availability.

Central Intake Line: 808-242-4663

Resource Center – Dorm/Common Sleeping Room (1) 0
Resource Center – Studio (1-3) 2
Resource Center – 2 bedroom (4-6) 3
Na Hale O Wainee – Dorm/Common Sleeping Room (1) 0 Max 4 intakes available today. Please call for availability.

Westside: 808-856-1178

Na Hale O Wainee – Studio (1-3) 5
Na Hale O Wainee – 2 bedroom (4-6) 6
Maui Veteran Beds (Veterans only) 1 Phone: 808-630-0771

Veterans only.

Kauai Economic Opportunity – Mana’olana Main Line: 808-245-7692
One-bedroom (2-4) 0
Dorm/Common Sleeping Room (1) 0
Dorm/Common Sleeping Room (1) 0
County of Kauai – Department of Parks & Recreation Contact the Kauai Parks Dept at 808-241-4460 to confirm space availability. Permits are issued by park rangers through the day at the 5 beach parks.

Maximum capacity of 274 individuals across all five parks.

Vacancies updated monthly. Last Update: 1/14/21.

Camping Permit – Lucy Wright Park 20
Camping Permit – Salt Pond Beach Park 0
Camping Permit – Lydgate Camping Area 0
Camping Permit – Anahola Beach Park 21
Camping Permit – Anini Beach Park 11
Phone: 808-630-0771

Veterans only.

EH HOPTEL – Kauai (Veterans only) 2