The Statewide Office on Homelessness and Housing Solutions tracks legislative measures that are related to the efforts of the office.

2023 Legislative Session Measure Tracking:

Measure Measure Title Description
HB300/SB354 Relating to State Budget This measure appropriates funds for the operating and capital improvement budget of the Executive Branch for fiscal years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025.
HB421/SB880 Relating to Mental Health This measure amends the definition of “dangerous to self” as used in State law governing mental health, mental illness, drug addiction, and alcoholism. Defines the terms “gravely disabled” and “psychiatric deterioration”. Broadens the term of “imminently dangerous to self and others” to persons who will likely be dangerous to self or to others within the next ninety days, rather than within the next forty-five days. Increases the maximum period of emergency hospitalization from forty-eight hours to seventy-two hours.
HB597 Relating to Health This measure authorizes psychiatrists and advanced practice registered nurses to file a petition to initiate the administrative authorization process in cases where the patient objects to treatment and is not in the custody of the director or involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility.
HB671/SB1442 Relating to ʻOhana Zones This measure appropriates funds for the ohana zones pilot program, including expenses relating to operations, upkeep of facilities, provision of services, and administrative costs. Authorizes the issuance of general obligation bonds for the construction or rehabilitation of facilities that will result in new units for the ohana zones pilot program.
HB780 Relating to Human Services This measure requires the office of the lieutenant governor to convene a working group to examine the feasibility of establishing and implementing a kauhale pilot program based on specified criteria to provide shelter and other services to homeless individuals in the State and to submit a report of the working group’s findings and recommendations, including any proposed legislation, to the legislature prior to the regular session of 2024.
HB1154 Relating to Guardianship This measure (Part I) amends the Uniform Probate Code to allow courts to appoint emergency guardians for respondents who reside in psychiatric facilities, hospitals, and homeless shelters. Extends the appointment period. Clarifies that guardians may consent to care, treatment, or service over the objection of wards. Sunsets 1/1/2028. Part II: Requires certain patients subject to emergency hospitalization to be assessed to determine whether a surrogate or guardian is needed to make appropriate health care decisions for the patient.
HB1209 Relating to Public Order This measure establishes the offense of loitering on public property and adds trespassing on public property to the offense of criminal trespass in the first degree. Establishes the homeless case management program and special fund, administered by the judiciary for the benefit of homeless persons.
HB1366 Relating to Homelessness This measure requires the department of human services to establish a three-year return-to-home pilot program to return homeless individuals in the State to families and relatives in their home states. Appropriates funds for the implementation of the return-to-home pilot program.
HB1397/SB1551 Relating to Supportive Housing This measure establishes a supportive housing pilot program in the statewide office on homelessness and housing solutions. Appropriates funds and establishes positions.
HB1404 Relating to the Community Court Outreach Project This measure makes the community court outreach project permanent. Amends the project to address homeless defendants and expand the opportunities for eligible defendants to participate. Appropriates funds for additional personnel and enhanced security services.
HB1442 Relating to Rehabilitation This measure expands the criminal justice diversion program. Amends the allowable period of court-ordered assisted community treatment and considerations for extensions. Allows courts to require certain probation violators to undergo mental health evaluation and treatment as a condition of continued probation. Requires DOH to contract with behavioral health crisis centers. Appropriates funds.
SB471 Relating to Living Accommodations This measure prohibits camping in public areas that are not designated as camping locations by the State or a county. Allows the court to order participation in homeless services in lieu of prosecution or sentencing. Requires the Governor to establish safe zones for homeless persons. Makes appropriations.
SB678 Relating to the Conveyance Tax This measure increases the conveyance tax rates. Exempt the conveyance tax on property with a restriction on increasing the rental price or resale price above any increase in the consumer price index for at least thirty years. Removes the maximum disposition caps of the conveyance tax allocated to the Rental Housing Revolving Fund and Legacy Land Use Conservation Fund. Allocates ten per cent of the conveyance tax for homeless services and supportive housing. Creates the Homeless Services Fund.
SB763 Relating to Affordable Housing This measure temporarily exempts affordable housing projects under certain circumstances from specific state and county fees and exactions related to discretionary approval or ministerial permitting, except application fees payable to the Hawaiʻi Housing Finance and Development Corporation and the rates and fees of the various boards of water supply.
SB881 Relating to Homelessness This measure authorizes the issuance of general obligation bonds to the Hawaiʻi Public Housing Authority for the development and construction of permanent supportive housing for certain vulnerable individuals. Requires the Hawaiʻi Housing Finance and Development Corporation to consider any available federal low-income housing tax credits needed for construction of permanent supportive housing units. Appropriates funds.
SB898 Relating to Kupuna Housing This measure temporarily expands the State Rent Supplement Program specifically for qualified persons who are sixty-two years of age or older and are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Requires the Hawaiʻi Public Housing Authority to submit annual reports to the Legislature. Appropriates funds.
SB1040 Relating to Homelessness This measure requires the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands to establish the native Hawaiian supportive housing pilot program on the Leeward Coast of Oahu to provide individual or shared micro housing units and services to native Hawaiian beneficiaries who are homeless, or threatened with homelessness, and who are on the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands waiting list. Appropriates funds.
SB1617 Relating to Homelessness This measure authorizes the Hawaiʻi Public Housing Authority, in consultation with the Department of Human Services and Department of Health, to establish and administer a Kauhale Program to provide individual or shared housing units and support services to certain homeless individuals and families. Exempts existing low-income rental units, tiny home villages, and kauhale from certain provisions of the Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes. Authorizes the Governor to transfer by executive order suitable land to HPHA for the construction of kauhale. Appropriates funds and establishes positions for the Kauhale Program.