Emergency Proclamations Related to Homelessness 

2023 Emergency Proclamation 

Governor Josh Green, M.D. on January 23, 2023, cleared a path toward expedited resolution of Hawaiʻi’s homelessness crisis that threatens the health, safety, security, and well-being of our community, by signing an emergency proclamation to work collaboratively with federal and county agencies on measures to provide relief.

The intention of the emergency action is to speed construction of the 12 kauhale, or tiny village communities. The kauhale projects will provide shelter for un-housed people with minimal, if any, impact on the environment. They also can be built faster than large-scale projects. Kama‘okū in Kalaeloa, for instance, provided 37 tiny homes, a commercial kitchen, shared hygiene facilities and close proximity to services for residents. Kama‘okū was built in six months under a similar emergency proclamation.

The emergency relief period will continue through March 20, 2023, unless terminated or superseded by a separate proclamation, whichever occurs first.

2024 Emergency Proclamation

Expired Emergency Proclamations (Archive):