SNAP Changes

Posted on Jul 30, 2021 in News


  • The federal government issued several emergency waivers during the COVID-19 pandemic that temporarily suspended the requirement for SNAP households to complete six-month and annual eligibility recertifications.
  • The federal government has since lifted these emergency waivers, which means that all SNAP households will need to resume recertifying their benefits on a scheduled basis.
  • SNAP households will begin to receive Six Month Review forms and annual Eligibility Review forms on a scheduled basis. These forms must be completed and returned, or benefits may be reduced, suspended, or stopped.


  • Any household who does not complete their scheduled eligibility reviews could lose their SNAP benefits and will need to reapply.
  • Last month, fewer than half of the over 17,000 eligibility review packets that were mailed out were returned to DHS.
  • People who are new to SNAP may not know of the ongoing eligibility review processes and may not understand the importance of completing the paperwork they receive in the mail.
  • People who have moved or changed their mailing address without informing DHS may not receive these mailed notices right away or at all.


  • Educate your clients and staff about these changes.
  • Encourage clients to check their mail often and to promptly read any mail from DHS.
  • Post flyers or signs at your facility in places where clients pick up or receive mail. A sample flyer in English is included with this email.
  • Encourage clients to report changes to their mailing address to DHS and any other appropriate government agencies right away.
  • SNAP Outreach resources are available from agencies such as Helping Hands Hawaii. Visit their website at or call (808) 440-3832 for more information.
  • Language access resources are available through DHS. The online application and renewal is available in 17 languages at

Please direct questions about these changes to the Hawaii Department of Human Services:

Information in this email is for outreach and awareness purposes only. Please contact the Department of Human Services with specific questions about SNAP.