Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center Permanent Supportive Housing

The Ohana Zone program provides ten (10) scattered site permanent housing vouchers to the Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center, which are contracted out through the City & County of Honolulu.   The vouchers provide permanent supportive housing in private market rental units for chronically homeless adults.

Permanent supportive housing vouchers not only provide long-term housing for vulnerable homeless individuals, but also result in long-term cost savings for the community.  According a local analysis by the University of Hawaii Center on the Family based upon reports from the Hawaii Pathways supportive housing project, “[a]fter obtaining stable housing, the estimated healthcare cost . . . dropped from an average of $10,570 per client per month to $5,980 per client per month.  These savings represent a 43% decrease over six months.  The estimated cost savings from reduced healthcare utilization by stably housed clients was $4,590 per month.”