Statewide Homeless Help Line

If you see a person in need, or would like to report an encampment, you may contact the Statewide Homeless Help Line at [email protected].   A staff person will listen to your concern and will forward the information to an appropriate service provider or government agency for follow up.

When contacting the Homeless Help Line, the following information is helpful:

  1. Please be as specific as possible about the location you are describing.  If possible, please specify a street address or a landmark that will assist our staff in determining proper jurisdiction.
  2. If requesting services for an individual, please provide as detailed a description as possible, including the individual’s name if known.
  3. Keep in mind that the office will not be able to quickly respond to imminent health or safety issues.  Contact 9-1-1 if the situation is an emergency.

You may also contact a homeless outreach provider directly to request services for an individual.  Be aware that homeless outreach providers are not law enforcement agencies and do not have the ability to “remove” an encampment or to take law enforcement action related to criminal activities.   A list of outreach providers for each island can be found on the Outreach Programs link.

For more information about the State’s approach to addressing encampments on State land, please visit the Encampment Response page.