Eviction Prevention Resources

In addition to the videos above, you may also view this five-part Homeless Prevention and Diversion Series hosted by Partners in Care.   The five-part series includes the following presentations:

I received an eviction notice from my landlord.  What should I do?
Contact the State Landlord-Tenant Hotline (808-586-2634) or a legal services agency, such as the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii (808-536-4302), to seek information about your rights as a tenant.

Is there guidance from HUD or other federal agencies on how to respond to households at risk of eviction?
Please refer to the HUD Evictions Guidance page from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development.   The page includes information about the response from HUD on a national level, including fighting unfair evictions, providing legal assistance, keeping people housed, connecting people with rent and utility relief, and providing tools to help public housing authorities, HUD-assisted Landlords/Tenants, and people experiencing homelessness.

I heard that there are mediation services available that may help me to talk to my landlord.  How do I get in contact with mediation services?
Please refer to the list of mediation centers in your community:

I’m behind on my rent.  What resources are available to assist?
If you are behind on rent due to the loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to apply first with the following programs listed below:

What if I do not qualify for any of the rental assistance programs listed above?   Are there any other resources available for rental assistance?
Yes, there are other programs aimed to assist households who are at risk of homelessness due to eviction.   Contact the programs below to see if  you may qualify for assistance.   You will generally need to complete a short intake assessment.   Each program may provide a combination of short-term financial assistance and support services (typically 1-3 months, depending on the program), and you will generally need to demonstrate the ability to pay future months rent after the assistance has ended.   Please be aware that programs have different eligibility criteria and funding may be limited.




What if I am homeless and need assistance with emergency shelter?
If you are homeless and need Emergency Shelter, please click on the following link for Emergency Shelter Vacancies, which are updated Monday to Friday.   For assistance with referral to Emergency Shelter, or help with a Homeless Verification Letter, please contact a Homeless Outreach Provider in your community.

Are there other community resources that may be able to help?
Please click on the different resources listed below, which may provide help with employment, public benefits, and other types of support: