Ohana Zones Evaluation

Collaborative Quality Consulting has been contracted to conduct a three-year evaluation of projects receiving Ohana Zone funding.  The evaluation will also serve to identify and assess what is further required to support and scale permanent housing to address and end homelessness in Hawaii.

The evaluation utilizes an Active Implementation Framework looking at Implementation Drivers in the community.  There are three main Implementation Drivers — (1) Competency Drivers (e.g. coaching, training, etc.); (2) Organizational Drivers (e.g. Systems intervention, facilitative administration, Data-driven support, etc.); and (3) Leadership (e.g. adaptive and technical).

An overview of the approach to evaluation, which was originally presented to the Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness at its June 2019 regular meeting, can be found HERE.

Please see below for the First and Second Year evaluations of the program:

You may also view news coverage of the Ohana Zone evaluation process below:

To learn more about Collaborative Quality Consulting (dba Focalize), please visit their website at Focalize Change.